5-months Transformational Coaching Program


Get acquainted with my brand new program for you, a woman who is excited to unleash her full self into the world and lead powerfully! To lead and impact from the inside-out! She feels she needs some support and accountability to make it happen. And I genuinely believe that to lead others you need to lead yourself first!

    •  Are you scared to fully show up in life & business?
    •  Do you feel you don't fully use your brilliance?
    •  Are you tired of hiding in the background?
    •  Do you often hear the voice of your inner critic saying that you are not good enough/professional enough, not knowledgeable enough, that you won’t make it?
    •  Is procrastination holding you back from acting the way you would like to?
    •  Do you feel like living in chaos with no right focus?
    •  Do you feel that anything than perfect is a failure?
    •  Do you often compare yourself with others?
    •  Do you feel like a fraud meaning that one day someone will find out that you are not an expert you are (Impostor Syndrome)
    •  Is pleasing others and playing 'nice' screwing your progress?
    •  Do you feel stuck, with no clarity and powerless?
    •  Are you afraid to take wrong decisions?
    •  Are you tired of keeping yourself small?
    •  Are you done with watching others getting promoted?
    •  Not sure what your leadership style should be?
    •  Do you dream about playing more authentic you?
    •  Would you wish to care less about what others might think of you or your work?


'REV UP & LEAD' program has been designed for a woman in business who desires to expand professionally and is ready to step FULL IN, boldly into a new chapter of life, career, and leadership!

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You need to think about this as a commitment to yourself, the career you are creating and leader you are becoming. Because getting out of that career rut and putting yourself on the fast-track to the promotion and pay rise you are dreaming (and deserving) of, will require you to step up into new levels of commitment. Even the most passionate, driven and powerful women can stand in their way from time to time. Yes!




    •  Having an expert guiding you towards your bold goals – someone who went through a massive transformation herself
    •  Tapping into your brilliance
    •  Leading others the way it makes you fulfilled and your people following you
    •  Seeing possibilities on how you can invite success to you
    •  Becoming recognized and visible in your professional environment
    •  Living motivated each week to be your best self and focus on things that matter 
    •  Feeling a relief after overcoming anything that used to stop you from moving forward
    •  Being empowered to act confidently as a modern woman in business
    •  Avoiding procrastination and finally getting things done so that you feel accomplished and satisfied
    •  Having the right focus and taking action daily so you do what you need to do
    •  Releasing the mental blockages and limiting beliefs & creating a new system of supportive beliefs, habits, and growth mindset
    •  Waking up every day and know how to energize yourself and set a positive tone for your day
    •  Having an action plan for yourself aligned with your values, gift, and desires


    • An in-depth welcome packet for you to complete where we explore goals for the process so that you can receive a bespoke plan for your sessions adapted to              your personal needs
   •  Duration:  5 MONTHS - 10 bi-weekly 90-min coaching sessions so that you are supported every step of the process to dynamically up-level your personal and          professional results; we will take a deep dive into your unique goals, desires, and obstacles
   •  A personalized program designed especially for you so that any relevant aspects of your challenges are addressed
   •  Exercises, tools, and techniques to develop your inner confidence and enable you to value yourself and be truly unstoppable
   •  Action plan to be implemented immediately so that you can move forward in your most desired life and career direction
   •  Availability (email/zoom) so that you receive support during most challenging moments


    •  Nearly 20 years of experience in business, including leadership, recruitment, coaching, training and mentoring
    •  My portfolio consists of hundreds of people trained, coached, and inspired to transform their lives, careers and businesses
    •  I am a volcano of positive energy and will help you stay inspired and motivated
    •  I walk my talk
    •  My clients rave about my ability to develop a greater trust in their own ability to chart and walk their unique path
    •  Professional responsibility: over the last decade of my professional growth, I have invested around €40K myself in high-end mentoring, coaching, and                       education, taking full responsibility for the level of my expertise



    •  Resolves problems with getting unstuck and gaining more clarity on your life, leadership, and career
    •  Truly empowering coaching process
    •  A transformation where YOU, as a power woman, will be held accountable for



€2899 Paid in Full   OR   €599 Upfront & 5 monthly payments of €499

I provide solution-focused, transformational coaching sessions. In the coaching rather than focusing on a better understanding of the problem, we focus on resources, goals, and ultimately, solutions. Focusing on solutions allows you to achieve the objectives in less time than with other methods. It is always an excellent adventure as it helps you, as a client, to find your ways and solutions as soon as possible. Thanks to this, I leave the responsibility in the hands of the client. I understand that coaching is a universal language of change and progress – the bridge to a new way of thinking from which each of us is empowered to take responsibility to live well and peacefully. And I love & enjoy my work seeing women thriving after entirely focusing on an in-depth coaching process that allows them to function in a more effective and aligned way.

If you want to know more how I can serve you and if this is a program for you, please don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary call with me, I am here for you! https://calendly.com/alenahielema