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Private Coaching

My clients are ambitious and have a huge desire to step into something bigger, bolder and truly fulfilling.  
They may want to build true confidence and be better leaders in life and business. They are ready to create a new way of living and working. They are high-performers and know that they need to do the work to get the desired results. Period. 

What did my clients achieve thanks to coaching?

*    more self-awareness 
*    their leadership direction defined
*    clarity to pursue their careers in the right direction, aligned with their talents, gift, and purpose
*    clear tools and strategies to start/run their own business they dreamed about and built a mindset necessary to stay on track despite obstacles, inconveniences, and failures
*    the ability to effectively implement their own plans and choose the most optimal tools to achieve goals
*    strong awareness of one's strengths and advantages and increased self-esteem
*    knowledge about their individual needs and their own satisfying way of self-realization
*    inner joy, optimism and increased level of energy as a result of identifying problematic issues and implementing strategies for solving them
*   courage and motivation to vigorously pursue their dreams
*   focus and more productivity in daily life & work

Because everyone is different, I align my coaching package with your personal needs. Your experience is custom-built for your vision and expectations. You will need to invest all the necessary resources, primarily energy, money, and time in our coaching process together. You will bring a full commitment. You will be fully open to feeling empowered and vulnerable. You will show up. FULLY. You are ready to leap. You will take ACTION. Because your results depend on it!

These are two options for working with me:


I owe my HUGE transformation to the power of coaching, willingness to change (that's crucial!), self-development, faith, self-awareness and courage to grow my potential exponentially! And the same I want for you! As a coach, I am your guide, and together, we can help you move from the hustle of EMPTY achievement into the peace of real purpose and great leadership in both, life and business. It is time to play really BIG. To call out your beautiful genius and shine your light, my dear! 

I have proven track of working with various clients, including executives, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, and social workers – who are fully committed to moving bravely toward something better and leading! (you can find professional recommendations on my LinkedIn profile here).

If you are a woman who is ready to take a big leap, has a great vision and desire to lead, but feels that needs some support to make it happen, this program might be for you!

My brand new 5-months transformational coaching program "REV UP & LEAD" is ready for you - click for more details here

If you want to know more details and check if this is for you, please book a complimentary discovery session: or send me an email: